Thursday, February 28, 2013

Placemats for a Round Table

Our breakfast nook off the kitchen has a glass top round table.  We love the table because visually it doesn't take up any space and the view out the window is actually what we see.

Our dilemma lies in the fact that we have rectangular placemats that are perfect for any other table but don't actually look right on the round table.  We have searched in the kitchen, household, and department stores in our area and believe it or not, have not been able to find any placemats that would fit a round table.

Our search continued online and we found the coolest peppermint swirl round placemat and several others as you can see below.

Set of 4 PCS,17" ROUND Placemats, RED PEPPERMINT

Placemats for a Round Table by Dining in the Round
Dining in the Round

Luxury Placemats for a Round Table by BC Design Partners
Luxury Placemats for a Round Table

Placemats for a Round Table by Shannon Sews
Placemats for Two at a Round Table

Sid over at Sid's In Stitches came up with a nice tutorial for placemats that fit a round table.  Since I'm usually one for a DIY project, I thought about using Sid's tutorial as my jumping off point to make my own placemats.  Aren't they cool?  I really like the fact that they are double sided.  As Sid says, if one side gets dirty over breakfast, flip them over and clean placemats for dinner!  (I paraphrased - she actually said it much better)

Placemats for a Round Table by Sid's in Stitiches
Placemats for a Round Table

As soon as I complete my creations for our breakfast table, I'll show you how I did it.  Hey! An actual tutorial by me...

P.S.,  If you choose to purchase the peppermint placemats through the link (to amazon), you will be helping this website stay alive.

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