Monday, February 3, 2014

Pet Medications Discount Card - A Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Lilly in a Paper Bag - Substance of Living

Lilly, whom you may have seen around here and here, is our unofficial Substance of Living mascot.  I mention Lilly and not the other kitties because she has to take medicine on a daily basis.  Lilly has, what I've been able to understand, feline equivalent to human lupus.

The type of illness that Lilly has is one that her body has for some reason become allergic to the enamel on her teeth.  She has had some of her teeth pulled but the rest are in such good shape that the consensus is to not pull them but to manage the inflammation and pain for the time being.

Lilly has to take Prednisolone on a daily basis.  Sometimes, depending on her stress level or allergens in the air, she may have to take more than one pill a day and other times she gets to skip a day.  She gets a break twice a year when she is allowed a steroid shot that is really strong.  The shot is nice in one way and that it helps get the medicine in her system and calms everything down.  The bad thing about the shot is that it is so hard on her little body.  We have to watch her organs and immune system.

Now that I've painted this horrible picture of our sweet little Lilly, let me tell you that she is interactive and loves life.  She has a healthy appetite and thoroughly enjoys her treats, writing, studying the stock market, crafting, and enjoys reading your emails and comments.

When I was chosen to write a review for a discount pet medication card you can only imagine how thoughts of saving money floated through my head.

This morning, I drove over to CVS and Walgreens respectively with a prescription bottle and pet medication card:

CVS Pharmacy

The pharmacy assistant was friendly and helpful although she was unable to pull up a price or discount percentage without an actual prescription from the veterinarian.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Spoke with the pharmacist and learned that they do not carry the prednisolone in tablet form.  In fact, they don't carry any form of the medication.  What she was able to tell me about this particular medication is that they would have to compound the liquid form into a tablet and that they were actually unable to do any compounding.  Also, that the medication is approved for animals not humans (pretty sure that is what she said) so they would neither carry nor be able to attain it for me.

The pharmacist did assure me that the pet medication card would offer a discount on approved medications that they carry but not able to tell me how much of a discount.

What I Learned

  • CVS and Walgreens accepts this pet medication card.
  • The percentage of savings will vary according to the medication so the discount is not known until the prescription is entered into the database.
  • Be sure, just as you probably do with your own doctor, and ask if the prescription can be swapped out with a generic.
  • I will continue to check with the pharmacist to see if future prescriptions can be filled through them and use my pet medication card.
  • Although I visited CVS and Walgreens, the card is accepted at major pharmacies including Target.

Start saving today by visiting Medication Discount Card and printing out your own Pet medication card.   Depending on which medication you are purchasing, the savings could be as great as 75 percent!
Learn more about the different prescriptions covered

Let us know how much you were able to save using your pet medication card.  Were you able to save on other pet supplies?

I will keep you informed as we move forward and other prescriptions need filling.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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