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9 Beautiful Hanukkah Table Settings

Many years ago, when I first learned about Hanukkah, I thought it was Christmas for eight days.  I mean, can you imagine receiving gifts for days on end rather than having to wait for one specific day?  Also, I liked the idea that it came at different times in the winter months.  I had heard that it might come as early as November!  Can you imagine Christmas in November?!

As much as I like the idea of getting presents on a daily basis, I've never been really good with the whole advent thing.  I tend to want my gifts all at once.  What a glutton I am.  Hey, what can I say, I want to eat the whole cake in one sitting.

Talk about lack of control. DH would absolutely vouch for this oh-so-positive trait in me.  :-)

Since that time, I've learned a lot about rationing and not having it all in one sitting.  Don't get me wrong, that little girl is still in there wanting it all and NOW!  I didn't just want my two front teeth for Christmas.


There is so much more to Hanukkah than the gifts.  The holiday is full of tradition and history.  Learn more about Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukkah).

If you are new to Hanukkah, hosting a dinner, or wanting to expand your knowledge you might want to reference My Jewish Learning, The Shiksa in the Kitchen, and Hanukkah Celebrations.

After a little reading, you might be more tempted at hosting your first Hanukkah dinner.   We've gone out into the big world called the internet and corralled some stunning table decorations and ideas for you.

Haute Hanukkah Decorating Ideas by HGTV
Haute Hanukkah Decorating Ideas

Did you know that a Menorah actually has seven candles (or branches) and a Chanukiah has nine?


Lighting of the Chanukiah by Hebrew4Christians
Lighting of the Chanukiah


7 Branch Menorah by Double Portion Inheritance
7 Branch Menorah

If you don't have a Chanukiah or Menorah, you can use tea lights or small votive candles on either side of a more substantial candle as seen below.  (Be sure to check out the website for additional ideas on how to create your own version.)

Hanukkah Table by Tribridge Residential
Hanukkah Table

This is another table that is a perfect DIY.  White table cloth (sheet or blanket) with a blue runner (scarf or narrow scrap fabric).  Then you can take some blue beads or candies along with white beads or candy-coated almonds scattered down the length of the runner and strategically place some small dreidels.

Hanukkah Party Table by I Made Dinner
Hanukkah Party with a little Spice

A very elegant table to honor all guests is one that incorporates Hanukkah and Christmas.  Choose Hanukkah colors in Christmas ornaments or decor.

Hanukkah Inspired Christmas Table by My Colortopia
Hanukkah and Christmas Blended Table

We've seen nature brought to the table in other posts but the use of a simple pine cone to offer a greeting or used to let guests know where to sit works quite elegantly with the rest of the table.  A light coat of silver or pastel silvery/blue spray painted over the pine cone would add a frost touch.

Winter Wonderland Hanukkah Table by SWT Boutique
Winter Wonderland Hanukkah Table

This table setting not only transcends Hanukkah, Winter, and Christmas but would make a festive setting for New Year's Eve.

House of Blues by Vicki Horton at Corner Paint
A Table of Peace for Hanukkah and the Holidays

Aren't you loving these table ideas?  It truly is amazing how creative people are and their willingness to share.

This next table crosses the borders with the classic use of silver.  Blending blue, white, and silver together makes one of the boldest statements without having to scream.

This table setting was originally published as a New Year's Eve table and yet it spoke to me for Hanukkah.
New Year's Eve Table by the Minmalisti
Classic Blue, White, and Silver Hanukkah Table Setting

I couldn't actually find the original location of this table but Porter House Designs references

Here is another DIY Hanukkah table.  Keep the table bare or use brown craft paper as the "table cloth" and run an extra-wide strip of aluminum foil down the center as the "runner".  Then add an unadorned fruit or vegetable can along with friendly daisies as the centerpiece.  The part that stands out the most to me is the use of a shiny pipe cleaner or wire shaped for the "napkin ring".

This may not be the most sophisticated table but certainly everyone would be light-hearted and comfortable.  Who says wine doesn't taste the same from a plastic glass, tall tumbler or a stemmed crystal glass?
Recycled or Found Hanukkah Table by Porter House Designs
Recycled or Found Hanukkah Table

With a sweet present waiting for each guest and the Bible sitting in a prominent location, what else is needed?

A Perfect Home for Hanukkah by bcliving
A Place of Honor at the Hanukkah Table

Additional sites for learning about Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays, please visit Chabad, Hebrew 4 Christians or

Will you be celebrating Hanukkah this year?  If so, what traditions do you follow?  Can you recommend additional reading?

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