Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Decorating on a Budget

As long as I can remember, I've enjoyed Easter.  The pretty new dress my mom would make me, the Easter basket filled with goodies, Easter egg hunts.  What I most remember as a child is coloring all those eggs.  My mom would hard boil a couple dozen but of course we girls weren't satisfied with that so mom would allow us to CAREFULLY dye a couple more dozen raw eggs.

We would go to church, as we did each Sunday, but somehow this particular day was so much more special.  Everyone had hats, suits, new dresses, and of course those white patent leather shoes.  The pinks, greens, yellows, and light blues were pretty.  Tulips, new dresses, spring, daffodils, and celebrating Jesus through activities and dinner.

It seems that with each holiday we have, more money goes flying out for commercialism rather than the reason for the season.

Here are some family-friendly ways to enjoy Easter that won't break the bank.  These projects are so fun, you might want to give some away as gifts.  Maybe even leave the gift at the front door on Easter morning, kind of like May Day.

Lindsay Stephenson of Aubrey and Lindsay lives near the beach and came up with a tutorial for this very pretty and super easy project with some paint and found rocks.
Painted Rocks for Easter by Aubrey and Lindsay
Painted Rocks

Jen must have had a mom like mine.  Over at PaintCutPaste, Jen used eggshells to make Easter candles.  Another adorable decoration for the house or gift item.
Eggshell Candles by PaintCutPaste
Eggshell Candles

Crafts are a bit like love.  No matter the language, we all understand the message.  Isn't that what Jesus was trying to tell us in some of his messages?  Love one another.  What better way than loving our earth by recycling and creating beautiful art at the same time.  Wouldn't you like to open your front door to an Easter basket such as this?
Decoupage Shopping Bag Easter Baskets by Wunderweib
Decoupage Shopping Bag Easter Baskets

Sometimes the smallest of items leave the biggest impact.  This pillow measures a whopping 5"x7".  Check out this super easy tutorial and use up some of your scrap material lying around.
Easter Bunny Pillow by Marie at Substance of Living
5"x7" Easter Bunny Pillow

How do you decorate your home for Easter?  Do you make a banner for the fireplace?  What about a wreath for the front door?

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