Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Bow-Tie Napkin Rings

Have you looked at something and thought that you'd really like it and then find something else that you'd really like yet they are similar?  I know, this isn't quite making sense yet but hopefully it will soon.

After my recent dinner party, I took a good look at my napkin rings.  As nice as they were, they seemed a bit small for my new napkins.

Notice in the top picture the napkin seems a bit crowded in the ring.  The second (bottom) picture looks a little better.  More like a bow-tie.

Rebekah from Twinkle and Twine did a guest tutorial on Prudent Baby and what I really liked about this holder is that it has fabric and the way the twine is used to make the center of the bow as well as hold the bow to the ring.

Amy from Positively Splendid put together a paper medallion napkin ring that used shower curtain rings.  I liked the idea of wrapping the ring with fabric or ribbon and then attaching the bow from above.  For some reason, paper crafts and me never seemed to get along too good.  More of the glue was on me than on the actual item being glued.

Have you made either of these projects?  What things have you made that combined two or more tutorials to get exactly what you were seeking?

P.S.,  As soon as I finish my napkin rings by combining the two tutorials, I'll show you!

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