Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elegant Dollar Store Wedding

If you think about planning a wedding or at least the reception part as another party, a lot of the stress vanishes.  Also, remember to try to see your party from your guests' perspective.  They won't notice that there are nine crystals in the arrangement instead of 10.  Your guests are there to help you celebrate a very special day.

With all that being said, let's save some money planning your wedding day.  We have already shown you how beautiful of a wedding and reception you can have by shopping your local thrift stores.  Now, we'll show you what you can do at the dollar store.

Choose a theme or at least a color.  By doing so, a lot of your choices will be simplified.

Purchase plain card stock and envelopes and print your own wedding invitations or purchase simple wedding invitations.  Then embellish your invitations with lace, ribbon, a button or rhinestone.
Dollar Store Wedding Invitation by Domvesta
Dollar Store Wedding Invitation

This table setting is so simply designed that it's almost crazy.  Yet, look how gorgeous your reception hall will look.
Peacock Inspired Table Setting by Common Place Beauty
Peacock Inspired Table Setting
To complete this table, you'll need:
  • Cupcake holders
    • Wine Glasses or Glass Candle Sticks
    • Round 4" Mirrors
  • Place Settings
    • Round 10" Mirrors
    • Rhinestones
    • White Plates
    • Colored Plates
    • Colored Napkins
    • Silverware
    • Wine Glasses
  • Centerpiece
    • Feathers
    • Round 10" Mirror
    • Glass Tea Light Holders
    • Tea Lights
    • Small, varying sizes of Mirrors
    • Glass Pebbles

These candles make beautiful decorations for your candle light wedding, reception hall and make perfect gifts for your guests.
Dollar and Thrift Store Candles by Junk-Fest
Creating these candles require only a few items:
  • Vellum or thin printer paper
  • Computer and Printer
  • Ribbon
  • Costume Jewelry, Buttons, or Sequins/Rhinestones
  • Candles
  • Glue or Double-Sided Tape

I'm not sure how much more inexpensive you can get with these rocks.  You can use these as place settings and use larger rocks for your table numbers.  Inspiring messages could be written on these rocks.  You could also have each guest sign your rocks instead of having a guest book.
Wedding Guest "Book" by RealSimple
Wedding Guest Book, Place Setting, or Inspirational Messages
What you'll need to create this "Guest Book":
  • River Rocks purchased or found
  • Permanent Marker in Gold, Silver, or a color to match your wedding

This table setting makes me think of puffy white clouds.  It also makes a gorgeous winter table.
Elegant Dollar Store Table Setting by Creative Life of a Glam Wife
Elegant Dollar Store Table Setting
To create this ethereal table, you'll need:
  • Tulle
  • White Plates
  • Small Picture Frames
  • Candles
  • Glass Candle Votives
  • Glass Vases
  • Silk or Natural Flowers
  • Table Cloth

Continue the look with these tulle and ribbon chair decorations.
Tulle and Ribbon Wedding Chair Decorations by Dollar Tree
Tulle and Ribbon Wedding Chair Decorations

Candy or dessert buffets add pizzazz to any party.  Guests of all ages will enjoy the variety of favors in addition to your wedding cake or cupcakes.
Candy or Dessert Buffet by Dollar Tree
Candy or Dessert Buffet

Creating a Candy or Dessert Buffet:
  • Wine Glasses
  • Large or medium sized Glass Votives
  • Drinking Glasses of various sizes and shapes
  • Silver Trays
  • Table Cloth or Fabric
  • Easter Basket Grass
  • Ribbon
  • Cookies
  • Pixie Sticks
  • Jelly Beans
  • Piroulles
  • Gum Balls
  • Wrapped Candies in your wedding colors
  • Cake Pops on a stick
  • Lollipops

Keep your wedding party and guests comfortable all night with these complimentary flip-flops.
Flip-Flops for Wedding Reception by Wedding in Style
Purchase various sizes in your wedding colors to hand out to your guests so they can keep comfortable all evening.

Even your veil can come from the dollar store.  Why spend hundreds of dollars?  Isn't this pretty?  For the price, you can create smaller versions in your wedding colors for your bridal party.

DIY Bridal Veil by My Girlish Whims
Bridal Veil

Bridal Party or Bachelorette Party Veil by Celebrations
Bridal Party or Bachelorette Party Veil
To create your veils, you will need:
  • Hair Comb
  • Thread or Sturdy Glue (E6000 or Hot Glue)
  • Rhinestones
  • Tulle

These bags are so perfect for your wedding party and guests.  They can carry their shoes, gifts, and anything else home after a fantastic evening.  They will also have something to remember your special day for many months or years to come.
Tote Bags as Wedding Guest Favors by The Pineapple Room
Dollar Store Tote Bags as Wedding Favors

What you will need to complete this look:
  • Tote Bags in your wedding colors
  • Fabric or felt
  • Ribbon
  • Pattern for animal or letter
  • Fabric Glue

Can you see how each of these items can be used for other special parties as well as decorations in your home?  Isn't it the best when you can create a cohesive and memorable occasion and not break the bank?

We wish you the most beautiful wedding day.

Did you or are you in the process of creating your wedding by using items from the dollar store?  Please share your story with us in the comments section.

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