Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Items, 7 Days, 7 Months - Day 13

7-7-7 Challenge / Day 13

I am a self-proclaimed candle fanatic!  I even went out and bought one of those candle warmers that you can plug in and set a candle on it.  Candles last soooo much longer and no smoke or soot.

I know, good quality candles don't give off much smoke or soot.  But, sometimes, a fruity or ocean breeze scented candle makes its way into my basket at the store.  How does that happen?  lol

These candles, however, were burned down to the metal wick holder so I had to melt them down, enjoying the scent from the candle warmer thingamajig.  If I'd gone out and purchased wicks, I'd be able to keep the candles and burn them in their "new" containers.  This is something I might have done if I didn't already have too many candles as well as the upcoming move.

The super neat jars get recycled to hold other items throughout the house.  There's one that holds pens, one that keeps loose change, one on the vanity to hold jewelry.  Are you seeing my dilemma?  That's why there are candles in the mix today.

There's something about aromatherapy that can bring back memories, invigorate us, or calm us down.  The flame is also another enchanting item.  The flame, like in a fire place or outdoor fire pit, seduces us.

What do your candle holders or candles say about your mood today?  Are you feeling the cool ocean breeze blow across your face or are you deep in a meadow of wild flowers?

Have you melted or recycled candles to give as gifts?  Do you make your own candles and does the color of the candle matter?

P.S., What is your favorite candle scent, incense type, or scented oil?  If you sell candles, please share a link to your website or store.

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